Going Native

Whew! Just finished book 63 this morning. Going Native by Stephen Wright. Earlier this year, I read The Amalgamation Polka by Wright and loved it–especially the first scene of the novel, where Roxana gives birth. I looked up Wright on amazon and read some great reviews. I could tell the cats that love his books are hard core. They are loyal, man. So, I went ahead and ordered two more Wrights. I read his Meditations in Green in March, and found it just eh. I love Vietnam fiction, but this was no The Things They Carried.

In a way, I’m surprised I even attempted Going Native. It’s psychadelic, violent, and hallucinatory. Three things I definitely am not. One chapter was too much for me. Way too much sex and altogether weirdness. But, Chapter 6 aside, I loved Going Native. Yeah, it’s violent. Random people are killed for pretty much no reason. It’s definitely not the type of book I usually read. But I agree with a lot of its themes–television really isn’t that great. Americans are too pleasure-hungry. That kind of thing. Of the three Wrights I’ve read, The Amalgamation Polka is by far my favorite. But, the others, especially Going Native, have expanded my mind. Maybe I’m ready to try another mind-expanding author. We’ll see.


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  1. Errol said

    Chuck Palahniuk: Lullaby.

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