Testing, Testing, 1,2,3

In reviews, I’ve read that Octavian Nothing, though it takes place in (sigh!) Colonial America, is relevant for today’s world. Octavian is forced to give up his reading of narratives (to learn why, read the book!) and only allowed to read short passages that are extremely dry and uninteresting. Hmmm . . . . sounds like what a lot of today’s students are required to read for their “reading” tests. I love the idea of working as a school librarian, and I think that’s what I’ll end up doing sometime in my future. Five years, ten years, who knows? But, one thing nags me a bit and tips me toward public librarianship. Schools, it seems to me, have taken the fun out of reading. All the quizzes, tests, and reports have eliminated the joy. Poo.



  1. jules said

    I’m a school librarian (though currently not a working one now, as I’m raising two girls), and I will say this is the most depressing thing about it. But we have to be strong and put the fun back in 🙂 Remember, too, that public libraries have reading-for-incentives programs as well (summer programs), which I think take the fun out sometimes, too.

    Over at our blog, we have an Octavian post if you’d like to read it — especially since you loved it like we did. It’s here.


  2. jules said

    P.S. Love your blog . . .

  3. jules said

    Did my first comment not make it in? Oh well. I’ll check later . . .

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