Do I Need More Pants?

This afternoon T and I will head over to Barnes and Noble–just because it’s fun. Should I snag a copy of the new Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? On the one leg, I still have a Christmas gift card. On the other leg (ha! get it?), I have so many to-be-read books (including A Drowned Maiden’s Hair, which I am very excited about. Not to mention that I am only 1/3 through Marie Antoinette).

Then there is the series itself. Got hooked on the first one. But wasn’t impressed with number two. Absolutely loved part three (my favorite!). What should I do?



  1. Errol said

    Buy it! Oh, (as if I need to say this) Scottsdale Public Library is amazing. I got _The Kite Runner_ and _We Were the Mulvaneys_ for $1.75 today. Sweet…

  2. Oh, you know you want it. Go ahead buy it. I’ve been very decadent with my Amazon Christmas money, and it feels great.

    Though I must admit that I haven’t read the Sisterhood books yet, myself. I’m pretty compulsive, so it’s good for me to wait a while before I start a series, so that more titles will be available.

  3. You may borrow my copy.

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