Okay, now I just have to have Shug. Gosh darn it! These blogs are not good for my pocketbook! But, lately, it seems like I’ve been seeing Shug on lots of lists (like, MotherReader’s here). I also read Fuse‘s review on amazon. And then I stumbled upon Jenny Han’s website and her bio. And, oh man, I gotta have Shug.

The good news is that my sister volunteered to loan me her copy of the new pants. So now I can use the money for THAT for this new obsession.

And, in case you’re wondering how Marie Antoinette is going, the answer is: well. I’m a bit depressed about how little time I have for reading it (see yesterday’s post), but I certainly enjoy the time I get. This non-fiction biography is a big step from my usual fare, but a good step. Today I read that Marie Antoinette “hated orange” and would “. . . not let the colour into her presence, even in the form of ribbons.” How’s that for interesting? I’m not crazy about orange myself, but I will let it into my presence.


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