Bookstore Trips and How They’ve Evolved

Now that I’m a stay-at-home mom, I used to limit our trips to the bookstore to once a week. I’d take the baby on Friday afternoons–we’d stake out our little corner by the bargain children’s books. He would happily kick on a blanket, and I’d happily read Entertainment Weekly while drinking an iced chai (venti!). Now, our trips have changed. For one, we go about three times a week. I figure, “Hey, I like doing it! So do it!”

Gone, however, are the days when I’d read the entire Entertainment Weekly. Now, T lasts about 10 minutes with the toy I bring for him–then he starts grabbing things off the shelves. I get maybe another 10 minutes when I hand him my credit card or driver’s license–he loves to hold those. When my “Let’s just sit here and let Mommy read” options are exhausted, we turn to browsing. Of course, I see tons of books I want. I can’t really get a good look, though, because if I put the baby down books immediately get pulled off the bottom shelf. Ah well. The next logical step (!) for T is walking. I wonder what our bookstore visits will be like then.



  1. Heather T. said

    Well at least he’s interested in the books!!! giggle.

  2. Beth said

    Your bookstore visits will consist of taking your son to the kid’s section and letting him browse. There’s no way (once he’s walking) you’re going to have a relaxing time looking for books for yourself! Schedule some “Mom Only” time once he’s mobile…

  3. Anne said

    It was great to hear from you today. I haven’t gotten too far in FIB. I know I don’t have a teething eight month old, but going back to work definitely cuts down on my reading time. Let me know when you’re coming up for our birthday celebration so I can request time off.

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