Long Live the Queen!

Well, I finished Marie Antoinette: The Journey last night! Hip Hip Hooray! I feel great about this accomplishment. As I’ve mentioned, I don’t read a lot of non-fiction, and it is not something I gravitate towards. A few days after I posted about reading a biography most recently in 5th grade, I remembered that–just three years ago–I started John Adams and didn’t finish it! I rarely do not finish books, so this is an unseemly blot upon my reading record. So, just the fact that I finished this big bio is a cause for throwing one’s tri-cornered hat in the air!

I had a little trouble slogging through the bits on court politics. Mainly because I couldn’t keep all the characters straight–all the Ducs and Comtes and Princesses. But, otherwise, the book kept me riveted, particularly as I got toward the infamous end and the chapter “The Head of Antoinette.” Whoa.

I now feel like I really know Marie Antoinette. And I feel bad for her! She was a good mother and not a bad person, and she got a raw deal. She just happened to be a Queen at a bad time for queens. Honestly, I got this book because of its pretty pink cover and because I want to see the Sofia Coppola movie. Now, I’m eager to read more about the French Revolution. I’m even considering reading A Tale of Two Cities. We’ll see what I decide on that. What I really want to do is visit France and see all of Marie Antoinette’s real life stuff.

And isn’t that what reading is all about–learning and wanting more? Oui.



  1. Beth said

    My comment is not coming through – I’m just trying again…

  2. Beth said

    This is driving me crazy. My “nothing” comment came through but not the one I want!
    One more time….check out City of Darkness, City of Light by Marge Piercy (fiction, French Revolution – great book).
    (If I am messing up your comments section – my apologies.)

  3. I really enjoyed Tale of Two Cities as a directed reading book in high school. I was somewhat familiar with the characters thanks to a Wishbone episode, and that helped.

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