So Good, Oh So Good

A Drowned Maiden’s Hair was just what I needed. I literally devoured this book–reading it during every second I could scrape up. It took all my willpower not to stay up and read the last 50 pages last night. I told myself, “Kate, Maud will be there in the morning. Get some rest.” But as soon as I had T happily digging through his red box for toy treasures this morning, I had A Drowned Maiden’s Hair open and my nose in it (with one eye on T).

I knew I would love this book because it is subtitled “A Melodrama.” Now, how cool is that? And yes this book has orphans, villians, and suspense. I also knew I would love this book because it is set in 1909. I love the Turn of the Century–from Samantha Parkington to (*swoon*) A Northern Light. Again, A Drowned Maiden’s Hair doesn’t disappoint: Barbary Asylum, Hawthorne Grove, and Cape Calypso all come alive in all of their 1909 glory, complete with Gibson Girls and Ragged Dick.

And do I need to say how much I love Maud Flynn? I do! She is such an honest character–yearning for love and wanting to do what she is told–yet she’s not a bit sappy. I like, too, how her physical appearance isn’t perfect. How many books actually say the main character’s hair is “thin.” Oh Maud, you are fabulous enough to run with Kiki Strike!

As I read this book, I kept thinking of my grandmother, whose older sister died of pnemonia when she was 12. I’m not sure why I kept thinking of her–maybe because her name reminds me of Maud’s. It’s Lavinia. If I were to write a melodrama, I might name a character Lavinia.

But enough about my family history. Readers out there–go get A Drowned Maiden’s Hair! It’s one of those books that I wish I were just starting–just so I could experience it anew. Highly, HIGHLY recommended!



  1. What a great review! Thanks! I do think that you might enjoy Little Lord Fauntleroy after this, though it’s not quite set in the same time period. Also, if you haven’t read Star of Kazan, by Eva Ibbottson, I think that you would definitely like that one. There are some similarities, and although not so subtitled, Star is a melodrama also.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. eisha said

    Geez, I have just got to read this book! Great review, Kate.

  3. jules said

    Ditto for me. Must. get. this. one. Thanks for the review.

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