Maybe Used Bookstores Aren’t So Bad After All

Hey gang! Boy, do I have an exciting story to tell! I’ve met Ann Brashares! And she is fantastic! (Okay, I’ll cool it with the exclamation points. I promise!) Well, where to start. First off, I have to say I’ve modified a personal belief. Remember, back in my meme, I said I don’t like used bookstores. Well, I have to change that. I LOVE Changing Hands in Phoenix, Arizona. Here’s why.

My sister lives in Phoenix, and we are both fans of the Traveling Pants. A few weeks ago my sister told me that Ann Brashares will be at Changing Hands. I’m not a big fan of spending three hours alone in the car with my baby, but, for Ann Brashares, we’ll do it. So we be-bop over to Phoenix, and into Changing Hands. We buy two copies of Forever in Blue and are assigned “Signing Group L.” We browse around the store, and I am mucho impressed with the selection. Changing Hands actually sells new (hooray!) and used books. And they have all these books I’ve been reading about on blogs and can’t find at Barnes and Noble (Hugo Cabret, Scaredy Squirrel). Plus, my sister told me there’s no application to work at Changing Hands. You write an essay about why you’d like to work there, and they hire you based on your essay. How cool is that?

But, here’s what made me really love Changing Hands. They gave everyone little stickers so we could save our seats for Ann Brashares’s talk and browse the store while we waited. Well, I went to get our stickers and was carrying my son. The employee said, “Do you remember what signing group you’re in?” I said, “Yeah, L.” She reached into a magic folder and said something like, “Here’s a ticket for you and your sister in signing group A. Since you have a baby, you’ll want to go early.”

So, we listened to Ann Brashares talk, read, and answer questions. She did a great job, by the by, and seems very nice. Then, we were THIRD in line to get our books signed. She actually talked to my sister and me and even said my baby is cute. Ann Brashares thinks my baby is cute! All thanks to Changing Hands! I think that store might be a required stop now, for all my trips to Phoenix.

PS I bought another book there, too, Art by Patrick McDonnell. It’s a very cute, pretty story.



  1. Heather T. said

    What a great way for them to hire people and how cool that the people who work there give a crap about the client (letting you and your sister into group A). Sounds like you had a fun time!!!

  2. I love, love used bookstores. There are some chains which stock used books, but also overstocks, which are brand new, but half price. I also find the selection interesting, as you mentioned, and seem to stumble upon books just waiting to be read.

    Saw your sidebar and I have Octavian Nothing on my shelf waiting to be read.

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