Recent Reads

I’ve been reading some mighty fine books o’lately. First, I read An Abundance of Katherines by John Green. Now, it isn’t quite as divine as Looking for Alaska. But, it’s still a recommended read–I especially enjoyed the footnotes. Not to mention the fact that my name is Katherine, and there can never be too many of us.

Then I read Shug by Jenny Han. Ouch! That book reminded me just how brutal and painful being 12 is. No thanks. I’ll stick to (almost) 29. But, wow, Jenny Han did a great job. I love how Annemarie (Shug) walks that fine line between childhood and teenagerhood in the book. That is a tough time and Annemarie has a tough time. Despite the beautiful, sugary popsicle on the cover, Han does not sugar coat. Shug is a wonderful book, though. Two thumbs way up! If only I knew more “tweens” I could give the book to.

Just yesterday I finished Penny from Heaven by Jennifer L. Holm. While I liked the book a lot, something kept me from loving it. I don’t think the characters were quite fully formed enough. For example, I never got the impression that Penny’s cousin Frankie was that much of a “bad seed.” When he said his corny dialogue, I could practically hear a laugh track running. And I could never get a handle on Uncle Dominic either. Is he nuts? Is he just depressed? That said, I did read Penny from Heaven with great anticipation, and I couldn’t wait to see how it ended. I also enjoyed the 1950s blast from the past. Funny, though, how that book is a Newbery Honor. It is good, but I’ve read better!

All in all:
An Abundance of Katherines: Four Stars
Shug: Five Stars
Penny from Heaven: Four Stars


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