Dandelion Wine, Update

It’s official. I love Dandelion Wine. I squeezed it into every spare moment until I finished it, and now I’m still thinking about it. Fans of “This Just In” know that I live in Arizona, where it’s pretty much summer to varying degrees all year ’round. For a lot of reasons, I love the weather here. No driving in snow, no electrified “winter” hair, no scraping my windshield on freezing mornings. But, I do miss the seasons, and Dandelion Wine made me pine for my hometown up North, where summer really is the most magical time of year. I love the idea of the Dandelion Wine itself–bits of June, July, and August bottled up for remembering in winter.

I fell in love with Dandelion Wine on page two with the words “baseballs sponged deep in wet lawns.” Wow, just wow. I read more and more and loved the book more and more. My all time favorite chapter, though, is the one about old Helen Loomis and young Bill Forrester. I read that at the bookstore, while my little boy played beside me, and I thought to myself: “Can life get any better? The little guy playing here, and me reading this beautiful part of Dandelion Wine.”

Just why do I love this book? Well, because of: the writing, Doug and Tom, the old people, the deliciously scared feeling “The Lonely One” gave me, the dandelion wine, Green Town, ice cream, and 1928.

I’ll say no more for now. But I have two recently purchased Ray Bradburys waiting for me to read them soon. I can’t wait!


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  1. eisha said

    Oh, excellent! I’m so glad you loved it too. I still haven’t started my rereading, since I’m so knee-deep in books right now, but you’ve reminded me of all the things I loved about it too. That whole time-in-a-bottle idea behind the dandelion wine. Just lovely.

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