Book It Old School

images.jpgRecently, there has been a slice of controversy about Pizza Hut’s Book It program. I say, “What?! I love Book It!” I love that they’ve been doin’ their thing “since 1985.” Because I was in second grade in 1985! I was one of the first ever Book It kids!

And, like all of us grown-up lit bloggers I’m sure, I loved Book It. Even in 1985 I was a reading freak, and Book It gave me pizza and a button and Pizza Hut with my family for something I would do anyway. What’s not to love about that? And, now, look at this! There’s Book It Old School. How cool! I definitely want to get myself an old school Book It tee shirt! I totally remember those purple pins. Oh, the ’80s.


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  1. Heather T. said

    Any program that consistently gets kids to read seems like a good one to me. A piece of pizza once in awhile does not a bad habit make!!

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