Am I Hip? Heck, Yeah!

This isn’t really about reading (gasp!), but it is about blogging:

This week I talked to my brother, who is a college student. I asked him if he reads my blog, and he said yes but not in the last couple of weeks.
I said, “So you know how good it is and how I update it a lot.”
He said, “Yeah, you’re one of the few people who still updates their blog.”
I said, “Oh, so the fad is over amongst the college kids . . . maybe that makes me more hip since I update my blog.”
He said, “I think the hip thing now is not to update your blog.”
I said, “You know that part of Entertainment Weekly, where they say “In, Out, Five Minutes Ago?”
He said he did, and according to him:
In: Letting your blog die
Out: Starting a blog
Five Minutes Ago: Updating your blog

Whatever, Mr. 21-year-old. I know I’m hip to the max!



  1. jules said

    That’s pretty funny. Does this make us Old Geezers?

  2. Beth said

    Somewhat confusing!
    I’ll just continue blogging – and updating…

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