Help! I’m Bookless!

I usually go only about an hour, tops, between the time I finish one book and the time I choose my next. Usually, I begin reading my “new” book shortly after I finish my “old” book. But, help! I finished In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson late yesterday afternoon, and I haven’t touched a new book since!

You see, I’m in an adult book club, which is meeting (rumor is) next week. I’m meeting a friend for lunch, and she is letting me borrow this month’s selection (The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, in case you’re interested). Our lunch date isn’t until 12:30, so right now I have nothing to read! It’s not a good feeling. Having a “reading now” book anchors me. Without one, I’m adrift!



  1. Gavin said

    Do you ever read more than one book concurrently, or are you a strictly 1-book-at-a-time person ? 🙂

  2. Mary Lee said

    Maybe if I had (or made) time between books, I’d read professional journals in a timely manner (not one year late)!

  3. iliana said

    See now I think is the perfect time to have several books going on at once 🙂

    Hope you enjoy Memory Keeper’s Daughter by the way. I quite liked that book.

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