Recommendation: Forever in Blue

038572936701_sclzzzzzzz_aa240_.jpg Way back in January, I got to meet Ann Brashares in Phoenix. Oh, that was exciting! And since we had a baby in tow, we got bumped to the head of the line, and Ann Brashares actually spent some time talking with my sister and me. Yes, I had a brush with a famous person.

Well, I finished Forever in Blue, the fourth book in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series. And it’s a good one. I loved the first book in the series, but *whisper* I didn’t really like the second all that much. I persevered, though, and bought the third one the day it hit the bookstores (it’s great!). Finally, I just finished the series. And, I’m a little sad to say good-bye to Carmen, Lena, Tibby, and Bee.

More than anything else, I like the “summerness” of these books. They just scream June, July, and August, green grass, flip-flops, and adventures. They make me glad that I am (sort of) in the education biz where we still say, “What are your plans for the summer?”

In Forever in Blue, the girls have come a long way since we met them in the first book. I like that they are still changing and still struggling with growing up. I found Carmen’s struggles especially realistic. Yes, college is wonderful and so much fun. But I’ll go out on a limb and say the first year of college is really not so much fun. I remember finding myself suddenly friendless and missing home desperately.

What I don’t like about this installment, quite so much, is its boy-craziness. The girls are always thinking about boys and boyfriends. Yeah, I suppose that’s realistic, but how about a little girl-power-I-don’t-need-no-man action?

I’d recommend this series to anyone, young or adult, who wants a fun read with well-drawn characters–especially in the summer.



  1. Beth said

    You read books for kids, young adults, right? Check out this web site (it’s great).

    Her post of yesterday asks about others who read these kind of books.

  2. Eliana said

    I stopped reading these after the first two, maybe I will have to finish off the series.

  3. barbara said

    The third one was my favorite.

    Parts of it were hard to read since it’s the “no, don’t do it” bits. I thought they undid some of the cool things they did in 3. But, yes, it does capture enough the first year of college.

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