Recommendations: Thelonius Monster’s Sky-High Fly Pie and Library Lion

And now . . . for some children’s lit. I recently checked out a couple of picture books from the library. And now I may have to buy my own copies of both of these books. They are just so good.

Thelonius Monster’s Sky-High Fly Pie written by Judy Sierra and illusrated by Edward Koren

Thelonius Monster’s Sky-High Fly Pie is actually kind of gross. It is, after all, about flies and flies are pretty nasty, especially LOTS of flies. But, I found myself saying to Teddy, “Let’s read that again!” simply because reading the book aloud is fun. The rhythm is absolutely infectious, the sing-song rhymes are irresistible, and the story-in-verse contains a lot of emotion. If you’re looking for a fun, one-poem book, go get Thelonius Monster’s Sky-High Fly Pie.

First lines: “Thelonius Monster once swallowed a fly, and decided that flies would taste grand in a pie. That silly guy!”

Thelonius Monster author Judy Sierra’s official website here.
Thelonius Monster illustrator Edward Koren here.

Library Lion written by Michelle Knudsen and illustrated by Kevin Hawkes
076362262101_sclzzzzzzz_aa240_.jpg Of course, I love libraries. I’m a former English teacher, involved with Friends of the Library, and a lit blogger. So I knew from the moment I heard about it that I would love Library Lion. The picture book is about–you guessed it–a lion who comes to the library. Naturally, the lion disturbs rule-loving librarian Miss Merriweather (who wears spectacles and a bun). No one really knows what to do with the lion and, gradually, he makes himself indispensible to library users. But then, guess what, he’s too loud! Please Be Quiet is a Library Rule, and the lion is ashamed and leaves. You’ll have to read this book to find out whether he comes back. But here’s a hint: I cried a little at the end. Yeah, yeah. I’m sensitive. But I’ve got a soft spot for libraries. And, now, for library lions.

First lines: “One day, a lion came to the library. He walked right past the circulation desk and up into the stacks.”

Library Lion author Michelle Knudsen’s official website here.
Library Lion illustrator Kevin Hawkes official website here.
Interview with Library Lion author Michelle Knudsen at Cynsations.



  1. Mary Lee said

    Sorry, this has nothing to do with your post, but…I love your new banner (or whatever that picture at the top is called)! What a cutie! Are there bonus points for noticing the tiny smiley face icon at the very top right of your entire page, or is that appearing to me because it’s so late and I need to go to bed?!? And if it’s really there, how did you get it there?

  2. Eliana said

    This post reminds me of a movie I’ve been meaning to recommend you…SHELF LIFE. I got it on Netflix, but you might be able to find it somewhere in town. Library high drama. Hilarious. Made me think of you the whole time…Control issues among the books.

  3. Thanks, Mary Lee! I love my banner, too! As for the smiley face, it’s definitely there. How it got there I don’t know.

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