Showers of Books


Happily for me, I’ve been going to loads of baby showers lately. I guess it’s just that time of life where all your peers are having kids. Hooray! I love baby showers, and I love giving baby shower gifts! Of course, what do I give at these showers? Books! Pictured above are books I’ve given as gifts at the three showers I’ve attended in May (not everyone got ALL these books, but everyone got a mixture of some of these).



  1. Eliana said

    We just broke out a new Eric Carle book, THE GRUMPY LADYBUG, which is going over very well at our house. You should look into it.

  2. Mary Lee said

    Please excuse the completely off-topic comment, but…you’ve been tagged!

  3. Charlotte said

    I tried to register at my local independent bookstore for baby presents, but they wouldn’t let me, so no books for poor baby. We ended up buying almost all of those pictured ourselves…and very nice they are.

  4. Kate S. said

    “Are you my mother?” was one of my favourites as a kid. It’s great to see such classics still in circulation!

  5. Some of those are on my must-buy list as well. I just gave a few books at a baby shower including Goodnight Moon and a couple of new ones, and I have two upcoming baby gifts for which I will be giving some new books and some Boynton and Carle, per usual.

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