I Might Be Back

Uh, hello. It has been, like, almost nine months since I’ve last written.

“Nine months?” you say.  “Well, you could have a b–”

“Yes,” I reply. “I’m having a baby.”

That’s why I haven’t been updating this blog. At first I felt too nauseous to read, then one thing lead to another, and well, that’s that. But keep checking back. The baby will come any day. I’ll have two children under two, so I might not get a whole lot of blogging done, but we’ll see. I still do love reading and reading book blogs!

And look! I’ve updated my “Books Read 2008” and my “Reading Now!”



  1. YAY! I’ve missed This Just In.

  2. Barbara said

    Congrats Kate…

  3. eliana said

    I hadn’t even tried to read this blog in so long…imagine my surprise! I think you should be commended for making this tiny little effort. 🙂 I loved reading abuot your ‘reads’ so consider coming back to the world of Book Blog.

  4. bloglily said

    This is such lovely news! Many congrats. The blog will be here when you return, as will your readers, and the whole thing will be all the richer for your newly expanded life.

  5. Charlotte said

    Welcome back, and I hope all goes well with New Baby!

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