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I Might Be Back

Uh, hello. It has been, like, almost nine months since I’ve last written.

“Nine months?” you say.  “Well, you could have a b–”

“Yes,” I reply. “I’m having a baby.”

That’s why I haven’t been updating this blog. At first I felt too nauseous to read, then one thing lead to another, and well, that’s that. But keep checking back. The baby will come any day. I’ll have two children under two, so I might not get a whole lot of blogging done, but we’ll see. I still do love reading and reading book blogs!

And look! I’ve updated my “Books Read 2008” and my “Reading Now!”


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Showers of Books


Happily for me, I’ve been going to loads of baby showers lately. I guess it’s just that time of life where all your peers are having kids. Hooray! I love baby showers, and I love giving baby shower gifts! Of course, what do I give at these showers? Books! Pictured above are books I’ve given as gifts at the three showers I’ve attended in May (not everyone got ALL these books, but everyone got a mixture of some of these).

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Al’s Book Club for Kids

I, for one, am excited about Al Roker’s book club I think it’s fantastic that Al will bring publicity to books and reading in general. I just fininished watching the book club introduction on-line, and I love the enthusiasm for reading! I especially like the kid they interviewed who said he’s planning to read The Count of Monte Cristo this summer. Go kid! If Al’s book club gets parents and kids excited about reading, then I say “Hip hip hooray!” Of course, as parent myself, I can’t imagine not reading and not getting kids excited about reading. But, alas, I know that not all parents are reading freaks like I am. Too bad for them 🙂

I’ve been hearing about Hugo Cabret on blogs for months now. I confess I am a “trend reader.” If everyone else is reading it, I want to read it too! Now I’ll definitely have to get my hands on a copy of The Invention of Hugo Cabret. Al Roker, if you’re out there, thanks!

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Reading, Carolina Style

Well, I’m back from hiatus, folks! Thanks for hangin’ in. Several days ago I posted about my Spring Break reading. I wondered what this Spring Break would bring. SB ’07 is very different from its predecessors, mostly because I now have an 11-month-old. But also because instead of hanging around Yuma and taking a jaunt over to Southern California, this year we visited my sister in North Carolina! I only brought one book on the trip because I didn’t think I’d have much time for reading, between taking care of Teddy and gabbing with my l’il sis. Turns out, I finished, not one but two books over Spring Break this year. Without further ado, here’s the Spring Break 2007 list:

Sunk Without a Sound: The Tragic Colorado River Honeymoon of Glen and Bessie Hyde by Brad Dimock
It’s a Boy: Women Writers on Raising Sons by Andrea J. Buchanan

Sunk Without a Sound is the non-fiction version of Grand Ambition and was also the One Book, One Arizona choice in 2005. As a fiction fan, I must say I did like Grand Ambition better. Sunk is a bit too technical for my taste. But, I did like the “mystery” part of the book. The author went into great detail about the people who claimed to be Glen or Bessie Hyde. Since the bodies were never recovered, no one really knows what happened to the honeymooning couple. One woman, claiming that she was Bessie, said she killed her husband then walked out of the canyon. Hmmm . . . . I read this at my sister’s house, while I was nursing the baby and everyone else was asleep. Definitely creepy.

I checked out It’s a Boy from the Wake County library that my sister uses. What a great book! It’s a group of essays about raising (you guessed it!) boys. The essays are about sons, from pre-birth through teenagerhood. Corny as it may be, all the essays “touched my heart” in one way or another. One in particular made me cry when the author described her now-teenage son and remembered when he was a little boy. This book would make a great gift for any mother of a son. (Andrea J. Buchanan also edited It’s a Girl: Women Writers on Raising Daughters).

Wake County Library April 2007

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