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Showers of Books


Happily for me, I’ve been going to loads of baby showers lately. I guess it’s just that time of life where all your peers are having kids. Hooray! I love baby showers, and I love giving baby shower gifts! Of course, what do I give at these showers? Books! Pictured above are books I’ve given as gifts at the three showers I’ve attended in May (not everyone got ALL these books, but everyone got a mixture of some of these).


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Read To Me Update

I’m feeling good about my “Read to Me” goals. Maybe it is because T has a cold and is slightly less active than usual, or maybe (and I like to think this is it!) it’s because I’ve been reading to T almost every day since his birth, but his attention span is getting longer. Both Sunday and yesterday we read for a good 20 minutes without stopping. We re-read the same favorites over and over. I usually read each book twice before I go onto the next one. Sunday we had a long read before supper, and yesterday we had a long read in the morning.

My husband has been doing well with the reading, too. This afternoon I got an hour of “Kate time,” and he watched the baby. When I came home, he said they had read several books together. Woo hoo!

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